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From Phyllida's Desk

Phyllida at her desk

Joining the Ranks of the Journalists

Now that Pride/Prejudice has been released at last, and my launch party has come and gone; and while people read and absorb the book's disturbing content, I thought I'd turn on a feature of this website that I've kept hidden. Look on the menu bar on the upper left.

Yes, it's another blog. I'm not sure how I'll fill all this empty space long term, but at the moment I have a couple of pieces that I had hoped to get published in the Huffington Post. I've put them in, two parts in one, for my initial blog post.

The blog, unlike the newsletter, allows comments. And I get to moderate them first! If you have something to say, please don't hold back. I'm happy with profanity, obscenity, querulousness, disorganized thinking, mispelling (ha! trick!) and colloquial grammar and syntax. I use that stuff all the time.

To answer the first question: Why am I calling this blog "Herendeen's Hereunder"? That's what one of my primitive e-mail programs always wants to change my last name to. It's the kind of program that can "ignore" but can never "learn." Some day I'm going to carelessly click "replace" during the spell check, so I thought I'd get there first. (Yes, split infinitives are fine).