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Birth: A Novella

Eclipsis: Lady Amalie's memoirs, 4

The honeymoon is over for Amalie and Dominic, Margrave Aranyi. Since moving to the city for Dominic's work in 'Graven Assembly and the Military Academy it's been one misstep after another for Amalie, leading to escalating fights. For Stefan Ormonde, Dominic's companion, life in the middle of this squabbling couple has become unbearable. And unlike Amalie, he's free to leave this three-person marriage.

Now back at Aranyi for Midwinter and the birth of her child, Amalie hopes to save her marriage. With Stefan gone, she's arranged a gift for Dominic, something she knows he's wanted for a long time: a tryst with Lord Roger Zichmni, the handsome, gifted young ruler of Eclipsis.

As the men begin their assignation, and as Amalie shares in the pleasure through telepathic communion with her husband, something goes wrong. Amalie realizes that she's about to give birth for the first time, miles from Terran medicine and hospitals, in the most inaccessible place on Eclipsis.

The only person who can help her is Dominic. But will his strength be enough to bring Amalie and her child safely through the ordeal?

With blood and sex and shouted curse words, "Birth" is an unusual account of a universal family event, here occurring in a mixed marriage of three telepaths: one Terran, two Eclipsian, but all gifted, and in love.