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Eclipsis: Lady Amalie's memoirs, 1

Sometimes you're still coming of age at thirty-five. Sometimes you have to travel halfway across the universe to find your home.

Life on sweltering Planet Earth isn't working for Amelia Herzog. She's light-sensitive, with protective third eyelids that appear at the first glimmer of UV rays. And she hears other people's thoughts, a one-way conversation that's more isolating than intimate.

Eclipsis, a cold, dark planet settled centuries ago by refugees from Earth's climate catastrophe, a place where eco-tourists visit but no one wants to live, seems like the perfect place for Amelia to disappear. Instead, she discovers a world of choices, the possibility of love and, perhaps, a way to turn a curse into a gift.

In Recognition, the first book of the ECLIPSIS series of Lady Amalie's memoirs, Amelia takes a job on Eclipsis and meets the one person who truly shares her thoughts. Before long she's on her way to a new career, a new identity, and a chance to realize her full potential as a telepath.

With the ECLIPSIS series, Ann Herendeen writes, as always, from "the third perspective," taking readers back to the future as she puts her unique twist on the sword-and-sorcery genre.

Quiet Riot Girl says: "To create a whole other world, that is both believable and fantastical takes a lot of talent. Eclipsis does just that. It transports the reader to a different time space continuum, but makes it seem real.... there is also a historical feel to the story.... if you enjoy genre-bending and other worldliness, but also like a good old-fashioned story, this is the book for you. "