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Conferences, readings and more


Love as the Practice of Freedom? Romance Fiction and American Culture

An invitational conference held at Princeton University, April 2009.

On the panel Memory and Desire: Romance, History and Literary Tradition, I gave a presentation about Phyllida, published in the edited proceedings as: "Having it Both Ways, or, Writing from the Third Perspective : The Revolutionary M/M/F Menage."

Readings, interviews and more

The Bilicious Show, Boston 2010. A live revue with featured performers: musicians, Rob Barton and Robin Renee; spoken word, Michael Monroe and me.
With thanks to producer Susannah Layton and Bisexual Resource Center's Ellyn Ruthstrom.
Credit for photos: Helene Norton-Russell Photography.

The performers take questions after the show (l-r): Me, Rob Barton, Michael Monroe and Robin Renee.

I answer a question from the audience--a reader who really liked Phyllida--as Rob Barton looks on.

Reading from Phyllida.
Standup comedy.
From a distance...
More standup comedy