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Eclipsis: Lady Amalie's memoirs, 3

After months of separation, Amelia Herzog has a chance to be with her lover, the formidable Dominic, Margrave Aranyi, one of Eclipsis's ruling nobility. But their first night together is a disaster, a sordid, mindless encounter under the influence of a telepathic weapon powered by anger and hate.

As a rebellion rises in the north, Dominic must leave Amelia at his ancestral home while he leads the military forces of the 'Graven Coalition. Amelia receives a warm welcome from Dominic's household despite her Terran origins. With her silver third eyelids and her telepathic gift—and carrying Dominic's child—she's accepted as "Lady Amalie," the future 'Gravina Aranyi. And as she explores the wealthy and self-sufficient Realm of Aranyi and learns about the people and their work, Amalie feels that she has found a home and a family.

When Dominic returns home wounded and with his young companion, Stefan Ormonde, at his side, Amalie faces her greatest challenges: Can she and Stefan work together to heal their partner? Can she survive the burning ordeal of the Graven Rite of Matrimony? Can she adapt to the restricted life of an Eclipsian woman and make this marriage of three people a success?

Readers of Ann Herendeen's novels know that she writes from the Third Perspective, the woman who prefers a bisexual husband and an m/m/f ménage. Wedding, the third installment of Lady Amalie's memoirs, tells the story of the original ménage and the first of these unusual heroines.

T. T. Thomas says: "Wedding is the most realized, most poetic, almost cosmic, of the [series].... One really ought to read the series in order to appreciate how Herendeen's amazing talent moves the series from a most unusual voyage of adventure to an entrancingly mellifluous love story. Heredeen explores and explains complex concepts of bisexuality with insight, humor and sensitivity.... a love story about two unique characters who use their individual and combined gift of "communion" to reach both new depths and new heights of romantic love."