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From Phyllida's Desk

Over to the Dark Side

That's where I've gone.

A week after my righteous denunciation of the siege-warfare scenarios in Angry Birds, I am knocking down ever more complex buildings and killing regiments of green disembodied pigs.

So what changed me from a sensitive recruit into a battle-hardened veteran? I guess the first thing was getting to the next  Read More 
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Rooting For the Pigs

I was a latecomer to Angry Birds, as to so much of modern digital experience. Just this week, after barreling through season 3 of The Walking Dead and feeling a certain zombie-like resistance to resuming "normal life" (whatever that is) I decided to revisit the free game lurking untouched on my Kindle Fire mini-tablet. Seventy-two hours and countless levels later, I have a confession: I'm rooting for the pigs.  Read More 
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